Jack Tester to Direct Nexstar's Coaching Department

Jack Tester will direct Nexstar Inc.’s business coaching department. The department has access to Nexstar’s experienced businessmen who are available to Nexstar’s independent member companies, for help with any facet of managing and growing their businesses.
Nexstar says it's expanding its business coaching department, to provide more specialized and responsive help for its members. Tester is responsible for helping to grow the department, increase the business services offered to Nexstar members, and ensure coaching uniformity within the department.
“Jack Tester is an excellent choice to be our first coaching manager,” according to Marla Coffin, Nexstar’s vice president of member fulfillment. “Jack has extensive management experience in the heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing trades from small independent contractors to consolidator corporations. He understands the competitive environment our members face daily and how to provide the superior customer service that leads to company growth.”
Visit www.nexstarnetwork.com for additional information.

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