Jackson Systems Expands Headquarters to Accommodate Rapid Growth

Jackson Systems, LLC,Indianapolis, IN, has begun construction at its headquarters here to increase office space, warehouse facility and training rooms. According to the zone control specialists, the expansion, to 20,000 square feet, is a result of Jackson Systems' average growth of 65% over the last two years.
Increased demand in the company’s Comfort SystemTM zone control products and the explosive launch of the Jackson Systems commercial division caused a shortage in available office and training space.
“We're looking to the future, and a long-term vision for Jackson Systems,” says Tom Jackson, chief executive officer.
“As we continue to work with more contractors, provide training on zone control and expand our commercial division, we wanted to have ample room to grow and have comfortable space for our employees.”
Company President Ron Jackson says the company is also looking forward to expanding its product research and development initiatives.
"We are launching several new products in the fall, and continue to improve our current line so we can always provide the most contractor-friendly products in the market,” says Jackson.
The present site was acquired and the original building constructed in 2003. The new addition, scheduled for completion in late July, is being built by JDC Associates, Inc. of Indianapolis.
For more information, visit www.jacksonsystems.com

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