Jeff Forker Honored as a 'Servant Leader' by the Service Roundtable

Former Contracting Business publisher Jeff Forker was presented with the Service Roundtable's "Servant Leader" Award, posthumously, at HVAC Comfortech 2004 in St Louis. CB Editor-in-chief Mike Murphy accepted the award on the behalf of the Forker family.

"Jeff Forker's impact on the HVAC industry was wide ranging and largely unnoticed," says Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel, "I doubt anyone knows all of the ways Jeff exerted a positive influence on the air conditioning industry, because Jeff usually worked behind the scenes. He liked it that way. It allowed him to get more done."

Michel adds: "Jeff was the contractor's best friend and the industry's guardian angel. He quietly ended feuds that hurt the contractor and hindered the industry. He subtly steered manufacturers away from courses of action that would harm the contractor and damage the industry. He built bridges between people and groups. He watched over the industry like a father watches his children at the playground. He was in every sense of the word and spirit, a 'servant leader.'"

The Service Roundtable's Servant Leader Award recognizes individuals who have selflessly devoted a lifetime to serving others in their field. Candidates are nominated by Service Roundtable members and reviewed by an internal committee.

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