Johnson Controls HQ Receives  LEED® Platinum Certification

Johnson Controls HQ Receives LEED® Platinum Certification

Makes use of every available green technology

Johnson Controls' corporate headquarters has been awarded the highest recognition by the U.S. Green Building Council. In September 2010, four buildings on campus were awarded LEED Platinum certification; the highest concentration of LEED Platinum buildings ever recognized by the council.

Sources report the campus designers made use of every available green technology to save energy, water and other natural resources, minimize carbon footprint, and maximize sustainability on the campus. Those solutions included:

  • One of Wisconsin's largest arrays of solar photovoltaic panels capable of generating up to 250 kilowatts of electricity on site
  • Solar thermal systems that supply more than 30 percent of the hot water for two campus buildings
  • Geothermal heat pumps that utilize the constant temperature of the earth to help heat and cool buildings
  • High-efficiency skylights and windows
  • A 30,000-gallon rooftop cistern to capture rainwater for re-use for water closets and urinals
  • Low-flow fixtures and dual-flush toilets to reduce water usage
  • Security systems that safeguard buildings and occupants in a highly energy-efficient manner
  • The Metasys® building automation system that controls and integrates all key electrical and mechanical systems throughout buildings on campus for maximum comfort, efficiency and safety.

JCI's energy usage has been reduced by 21%, despite the recent addition of 160,000 sq.ft. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced, annually, by more than 827,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent due to the on-site solar electricity generation.

Water usage has been reduced by 595,000 gallons annually by collecting and recycling rain water and the addition of low-flow fixtures.

Johnson Controls expects to recoup its spend on making the campus energy-efficient within eight years, using the savings realized.

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