Johnson Controls' Olympian Feat

Johnson Controls' Olympian Feat

Johnson Controls has completed what is certainly a "gold medal" project for the Beijing, China Olympics, starting on August 8.
Regardless of reports about the pollution problems in the host city, Johnson Controls has done all it can to make the Olympics a comfortable place to be. Company efforts include sustainable building solutions in 18 Olympic stadiums and supporting facilities, helping the 2008 Olympics in Beijing realize its goals to be the most green Olympics in history.

Johnson Controls’ solutions cover 123 million sq.ft. of Olympics grounds, monitoring more than 58,000 points in stadiums and office buildings. As a result, the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be the first to generate significant energy and operational savings through innovative sustainability solutions.

“Johnson Controls is working with governments, manufacturers and businesses throughout China to improve energy efficiency and sustainability,” says Steve Roell,chairman and chief executive officer, Johnson Controls. "China is showing the world its commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection. We know that China’s green investments today, such as those for the Olympics, will bring new opportunity and help the country achieve its long-term energy saving and emission reduction goals.”

Incorporating sustainability solutions into the 2008 Beijing Olympics is part of an overall strategy to create a green Beijing. The solutions featured at the Olympic facilities will generate long-term savings for the city and will be used for sporting and cultural events for years to come.

China is the world’s second biggest market for the building control and HVAC services industries and is predicted to quickly become the largest in the world. Johnson Controls is developing solutions that bring energy efficient, environmentally-friendly products and systems to customers such as the Administration Building of Beijing Planning Board, Shanghai World Financial Center and Guangzhou Higher Education MegaCenter.

Johnson Controls solutions within the Olympic venues include:

- National Stadium, or Bird’s Nest: York dual-duty brine centrifugal chillers, ice thermal storage system and chiller plant automation system

- National Indoor Stadium, or Turtle’s Back: York centrifugal chillers connecting to Metasys building management system

- CCTV Headquarters Building, or collaboration building: YORK centrifugal chillers, dual-duty brine centrifugal chillers and ice-thermal storage system, connected to Metasys building management system
- Beijing Olympic Tower: York centrifugal chillers and a variable speed drive
- Beijing International Airport Terminal 3: York centrifugal chillers
- National Convention Center : York air handling units
- Laoshan Velodrome: Metasys building management system
- Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court: Metasys building management system
- Peking University gymnasium: Metasys building management system
- Beijing University of Technology gymnasium: Metasys building management system
- Beijing Olympic Park Central Zone: Metasys building management system
- Beijing Olympic Forest Park: Metasys building management system
- Beijing workers' gymnasium: York centrifugal chillers and a chiller plant automation system
- Beijing University of Aeronautics and astronautics gymnasium: YORK centrifugal chillers, York screw chillers and a chiller plant automation system
-Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center: York centrifugal chillers
- Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium: Metasys building management system
- Tianjin Olympic Games Organizing Committee Office Building: YORK fan coils and thermostats and York air-cooled/air-source heat pump systems
- Shanghai Stadium: YORK centrifugal chillers

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Note: watch for an expanded report on Johnson Controls' Olympics projects in the pages of September's Contracting Business.

Photo shows the Qingado Olympic Sailing Center.

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