Johnstone Supply Names Two Regional Account Managers

Johnstone Supply, Inc., Portland, OR, has named Linda Scott as southeast regional account manager, and Scott Rosendahl as northwest regional account manager.
The newly created positions are part of Johnstone’s strategic plan establishing a regionalized approach to store support, product distribution and customer services, which also includes the cooperative’s growing network of regional distribution centers.
Scott and Rosendahl will serve as the primary contacts for owners in the Southeast and Northwest regions, and will identify andimplement localized products, pricing, tools, and services in their respective regions. The new Regional Account Manager positions were established to assist stores with marketing, logistics and purchase data; and to develop programs and services directly related to Member’s regional needs. The regionalized support will ensure that Johnstone Supply stores have the parts, supplies and equipment to meet the specific demands of local contractors and climates.
The pair joins Keith Northey, northeast regional account manager, as part of what will eventually become a team of five regional account managers, reporting to Jim Adcox, senior vice president of membership, based around a total of five major regional distribution center locations.
Johnstone Supply currently operates distribution centers in Portland OR, Memphis TN, Allentown PA, and Jacksonville FL with construction currently underway on a new facility in Las Vegas, NV.
“By creating regional support centers throughout the country, Johnstone is working to support our Member stores with even greater efficiency and quick responsiveness,” says Adcox.

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