The Joseph Groh Foundation Helps with Bathroom Remodel

The Joseph Groh Foundation Helps with Bathroom Remodel

The latest recipient of a grant from the Joseph Groh foundation is Gerald Fredrick.

Gerald and Linda Frederick live in Westminster, CO, a northwest suburb of Denver. In 2008 Gerald was severely injured in a bicycle accident. Riding with friends, he hit a bump and fell, striking his head on the pavement. He was able to continue riding, but later collapsed with a severe headache.

The fall resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage and catastrophic brain bleed.

As a result of the accident, Gerald is in a wheelchair needing 24/7 care. Linda provides this care but their income has been severely curtailed.

Gerald and Linda's son works with his father-in-law, who owns Maddy Construction, a small general contractor in Aurora, CO. Unfortunately, Mike Maddy, owner of this firm, was recently diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer. Prior to that he had worked with Linda to identify needed changes to the home following Gerald’s accident.

Linda heard about the Joseph Groh foundation through Maddy Construction, and contacted them in October of 2011 seeking assistance with a bathroom remodel.

She wanted a sink that Gerald could wheel himself up to and she also needed a roll-in shower. This would allow her to do a simple transfer as opposed to physically lifting Gerald onto the shower bench.

Linda contacted Accessible Systems of Littleton, Colorado's only statewide contractor specializing in mobility solutions for people with disabilities. She had spoken with other organizations but felt like Accessible Systems was really able to zero in on what she needed.

Following the renovation, Linda was ecstatic with the results, "Our bathroom is done, and was an amazing change for us. I don't know how I can thank the Joseph Groh foundation enough; I just stand and stare at it. It’s lovely and Accessible Systems did a very fine job.”

“I can roll the wheel chair right in to the shower bench toilet and sink. Gerald can now see the mirror to shave, brush his teeth and comb his hair. It gives him a sense of the old life he had before the injury, and he just smiles. I am so grateful to you and your foundation. I had no resources I could use to do this and it made such a difference for us. Thank you, thank you for your kindness and deepest regards to all of you."

Visit for information on how to donate.

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