Keeping Safety Top of Mind

Regular emphasis on safey keeps leading companies on top.

Many of the HVAC industry’s best companies are also among the safest. Here are two examples of how industry leaders keep employees on their safety toes.

A.O. Reed & Co., San Diego, CA, follows an Injury and Illness Prevention Program as designed by safety officer Alan Rings. The plan was implemented in compliance with California Safety Code 6401.

Shop superintendent Ed Locher calls a safety meeting every Monday morning to review safety issues. He’ll also call a special meeting if he sees any bad habits developing, or a particular unsafe practice.

“Ed stays in contact with employees regarding safety best practices,” says Ernie Escarcega, sheet metal superintendent. “He wants to know if safety stops on all equipment are being used, and if workers are wearing gloves and safety glasses.”

“We hold monthly corporate safety meetings and divisional meetings, during which time we review any accident reports. If there are any trends, we do all we can to prevent them from happening again,” says Adrian “Ed” Blum, manager of special projects. Every three months, the company awards work shirts, travel mugs, safety knives and other gifts to employees who have remained injury-free.

A.O. Reed is Contracting Business magazine’s 2007 Commercial Contractor of the Year.

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S.I. Goldman Company, Inc., Gainesville, FL, recently marked a major safety milestone: 1 million man-hours without a lost time injury.

“In a business where safety is paramount, this milestone is a testament to our team’s consistent effort to work smart by working safe,” says president John Martin.

Safety is second nature to S.I. Goldman. The company has a history of winning safety honors over the years, both from its parent company — Comfort Systems USA, and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Safety policies and procedures include a comprehensive safety manual and regular safety meetings. In addition, S.I. Goldman employs a full time safety director, sponsors a safety program for associates, issues safety reminders and performs safety audits.

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