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Kilowatt Heating & Air Finds Success in Blogosphere

If blogs were around 25 years ago, perhaps Dean Gilford, president, Kilowatt Heating & Cooling, would have started one. Now, since blogging technology is available, Gilford, a popular Sherman Oaks, CA-based HVAC contractor known as "Uncle Dean," is using a blog to have instant access to customers, who have been so faithful about staying in touch with him. is about air conditioning, but there are different pages for heating, electrical, and solar-related questions. HVAC systems, furnaces, wall heaters, air conditioners, ducting, grills and registers, ventilation, humidifiers, air purifying systems, and air filters are all represented. Gilford will use the new Blog — — to answer home repair questions, and make people aware of money-saving opportunities.

"There have been many rebate or tax credit programs, offered as part of the economic stimulus, that homeowners just don't know about," Dean says, and he wanted a fast way to make people aware of the opportunities before the money runs out.

The Energy Efficient Mortgage, for example, allows homebuyers to perform up to $25,000 worth of home improvements and pay for them over 30 years with energy bill savings.

Gilford's customers call with questions about new furnaces or air conditioners, zoning systems, digital thermostats, energy efficiency rebates, financing, and to ask advice about HVAC or electrical systems problems.

He updates the blog with new information as necessary.

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