Laredo Community College Granted Accreditation

Laredo Community College has been granted a six-year accreditation of their HVACR program. Laredo Community College wanted to validate that they were preparing their students for the ever changing challenges in HVACR industry. To accomplish this, they decided to pursue accreditation of their HVACR program.

The accreditation validates that the program is preparing students for jobs in the HVACR industry and verifies that the program has the needed resources and administrative support to accomplish their goals.

In 1947, at the end of World War II, Laredo Junior College was created on the historic site of Fort McIntosh to prepare returning soldiers entering the workforce.

This was the beginning of Laredo Community College offering the growing Laredo community excellence in education. Over the years, Laredo Community College has grown into two campuses, which offer one semester, one or two year certificates and Associate of Applied Science degrees.

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