Lennox Financing Plan Appeals to Contractors, Customers

A Dallas, TX-based commercial HVAC contractor is using the Lennox Continuous Comfort Planned Replacement financing program to help building owners replace aging comfort equipment without the stress of "first-cost" concerns.

Brad Crawford and Tim Buford of Crawford Services, Inc., say the program’s financing option is a helpful marketing advantage.

"Customers don't have to add to capital expenses with an out-of-pocket payment for new HVAC equipment," Crawford says. "With financing, they can plan to pay an established dollar amount at regular intervals over the term of the lease, instead of paying the entire purchase price upfront."

Crawford recommended the Continuous Comfort program to Chris Hill, owner, Pinnacle Graphics, Addison, TX. Hill liked the program’s flexibility, and financed $40,000 in HVAC improvements..

"We like the fact that we can manage our cash flow better through a lease arrangement versus an immediate capital expense," Hill says. "We were able to improve our indoor comfort, reduce our energy consumption, and add peace of mind with a preventive maintenance agreement, with one low, monthly payment."

Cutting thousands of dollars in replacement costs.Sources estimate the typical cost of replacing a condenser coil on a 7.5-rooftop unit is $3,500. Add two compressors at $5,000 each, and the immediate repair costs for cooling equipment begin to approach the total cost of replacing an entire unit. Installing new equipment with extended warranties eliminates those concerns, and it helps organizations that couldn’t operate without conditioned air.

"In a sluggish economy, a property manager may not be producing adequate cash flows due to declining tenant occupancy and rent compression," says Gary Whitford, service manager for Crawford Services. "When old air conditioning equipment breaks down or needs to be replaced, it's difficult to have the up-front cash to be able to replace it. With the Lennox financing program, customers can set a manageable cost to be spread over a period of time."

The program's benefits for contractors include improved scheduling opportunities, reduced billing paperwork, and receipt of payment within 24 hours of job completion.

"The financing program is another tool that allows Crawford Services to better serve our customers and separate ourselves from our competition," Whitford says. For more information about financing HVAC system installations, visit LennoxLeasing.com.

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