LG Electronics to Supply Air Conditioners to Hurricane Katrina Victims

LG Electronics, Englewood, NJ, announced it has been chosen as the vendor of choice to supply air conditioning units to a new home construction project to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. The project is sponsored by the Mississippi Emergency Management Authority (MEMA) and will take place in the town of Gulfport, MS, much of which was destroyed by Katrina.
As many as 4,500 new homes ranging in size from 420 to 850 sq. ft. will be constructed as part of this project. The manufactured homes are constructed to withstand winds of up to 150 mph, and have ultra low maintenance exteriors, interiors and covered porches.
“This is a unique opportunity to get involved and help out a ‘front-line’ town that suffered so tremendously at the hands of one of America’s greatest natural disasters," says Dan Vojcik of LG. "Thus far, the rebuilding efforts of Gulfport and MEMA have been nothing short of inspiring, and we’re glad to be part of it. We also feel this project represents the chance to help a community incorporate new, forward thinking products and building methods into their daily lives.”
The LG-manufactured air conditioners will come in the dual zone unit capacity, suited to meet the needs of each particular home model.
The dual zone capacity features the Plasma Air Purifying System, which removes air impurities- such as microscopic contaminants, dust, pet hair and pollen - for a healthier living environment.
It also includes a dehumidifying feature, which quickly removes excess moisture from interior spaces.
The first phase homes will be manufactured by Forest River Inc., Elkhart, IN and distributed by the Johnstone Supply Western Michigan Group. Koch Air LLC, Indianapolis, IN, and Patriot Homes, Elkhart, IN will provide homes and system installations for the second phase.

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