Lindab Presents 'Silver Elbow' Awards

Lindab Inc., a leading HVAC sheet metal duct product manufacturer, recently recognized its top-performing HVAC distributors with a “Silver Elbow,” an award that salutes those companies which have exceeded at least 100% of their sales goals for the year.
The award was made at Lindab’s annual Distributors’ Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA, and presented by company President Dick McCullough. The 2006 award recipients are:
- East Coast Metal, Greenville, SC
- Milwaukee Insulation, Butler, WI
- East Coast Metal, Raleigh, NC
- William Jacobs Sons, Schenectady, NY
- Langendorf Supply, St. Louis, MO
- Tom Barrow, Jacksonville, FL
- Midstates Spiral, Philadelphia, PA
- Flexmaster Canada LTD, Ontario, Canada
- East Coast Metal, Greensboro, NC
- Air Equipment LLC, Hartford, CT
- HV Sales Supply, Buffalo, NY
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