Lively Technical Center Granted Accreditation

Lively Technical Center, Tallahassee, FL, has been granted accreditation of their Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) program.

Lively Technical Center wanted to validate that they’re preparing their graduates for the ever-changing challenges in HVACR industry. To accomplish this, they decided to pursue programmatic accreditation of their HVACR program.

Programmatic accreditation is where an independent third party, in this case HVAC Excellence, reviews a program against set educational and industry standards. In seeking accreditation, the staff at Lively Technical Center completed a self study evaluation of their program against set standards in: curriculum, faculty, student facilities, placement services, financial aid, and advisory committee involvement, training facilities, equipment & safety.

The study was sent to HVAC Excellence for their executive team to thoroughly assess for compliance against each standard. Upon completion of their review, HVAC Excellence selected a group of industry veterans with over 70 years of combined technical, administrative and teaching experience in the HVAC industry to visit the campus and validate the study through an intense on site evaluation. This onsite evaluation took place on April 12, 2011.

Having reviewed the study and evaluated the program, HVAC Excellence granted a six-year accreditation of the Lively Technical Center HVACR program with commendation. Lively Technical Center is one of two schools in the U. S. to have no compliance corrections needed as part of their accreditation. That means they meet or exceed all standards, making them a program for others to emulate.

The onsite report included commendations for Mr. Mathew Vaughn the lead instructor. Mr. Mathew Vaughn is extremely competent and committed to providing a quality education to his students. He’s very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching. He’s continually seeking ways to improve his program and strives to make it the best. He’s an asset to the school, the community, the HVACR industry, and the students he serves.

The accreditation validates that the program is preparing students for jobs in the HVACR industry and verifies that the program has the needed resources and administrative support to accomplish their goals.

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