Lochinvar Hyrdonic Heating Demos Rolling On

Lochinvar Corporation’s Hydronic Heating Tour continues to travel throughout the US and Canada demonstrating the Solution boiler and new Knight Heating Boiler.
The self-contained tour van provides visitors with a hands-on demonstration of Lochinvar’s hot water solutions. The tour will make stops at the following locations this spring and summer:

Toronto, Canada, with AquaTech Sales Marketing, May 12-19
Ohio, with Campbell Equipment Co., May 22 -June 2
Michigan, with Lochinvar sales, June 5 -June 16
Indiana, with Hydronic and Steam Equipment Co., June 16-23
Kentucky with Lochinvar sales, June 26-30
Eastern Missouri, with Behrmann Co., July 11-13
Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa, with Zeil Carlson Co., July 14
Chicago area, with Lochinvar sales, July 17-21
Wisconsin, with Lochinvar sales, July 24-27
Minnesota, with Ryan Company, July 31 August 3
Iowa, with Products, Inc., August 7-9
Nebraska, with Verne Simmonds Company, August 11-17

Contact your local Lochinvar representative for exact dates and locations. To find your local representative go to www.Lochinvar.com and click on the rep locator.

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