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Lonmark Announces Certification Program

LonMark International, San Jose, CA, has announced a new program to test and certify installers, professionals, and integrators of LonMark Open Systems. The program provides a worldwide standard of proficiency for individuals that install, integrate, and maintain systems utilizing LONMARK certified products. The program is expected to launch in November 2006.
This program builds on a program the LonMark Association implemented nearly a decade ago to test and certify products for conformance. LonMark has developed a multi-phase, standardized testing program with local-language support whereby individuals can become certified at various technical levels via web-based proficiency testing. The program will include support for large company testing and certifying staff at reduced costs, to individual testing at international test centers.
The first certification designation will be “LonMark Certified Professional,” which will apply to those who pass the basic test. It will provide credentials associated with basic level knowledge of LonWorks technology including terminology, basic architecture, network management tools, basic network engineering, system design, configuration, wiring, termination, routers, network interfaces, advanced system diagnostics, and HMI integration. This certification would apply to network integrators such as HVAC, lighting, security, and building automation and controls engineers.
The LonMark Certified Integrator designation is for companies that have on staff at least one LonMark Certified Professional and have also completed additional practical demonstration of LONWORKS technology abilities. This designation may also be used by regional LonMark Affiliates to further certify companies according to local/regional requirements.
Future phases of the program will offer designations for installer or technician level certification targeting an electrical or mechanical level installer. Plans are also underway for expert area certification as well in areas such as enterprise integration, advanced system architecture, and advanced system diagnostics.
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