Lyon, Conklin & Co. Celebrates150th Anniversary

Lyon, Conklin & Co. Celebrates150th Anniversary

It's been tough to stay afloat in today’s turbulent economy. However, Lyon, Conklin & Co., a premier HVAC wholesale distributor, has found the secret to success in every kind of business climate. First opened in 1860, Maryland-based Lyon, Conklin turns 150 this year.

In the face of a Civil War, two world wars, the Great Depression, and the current recession, the company has flourished growing from a sheet-metal manufacturing company to a distributor of the 21st century.

Lyon, Conklin & Co. provides everything contractors need to properly air condition homes and buildings. “It’s truly a remarkable achievement for any company to reach a milestone like this,” says David Brown, Lyon, Conklin’s general manager. “The fact that we’re still doing so well after 150 years is a testament to our associates, our loyal customers and the strength of our company’s values.”

Those values include an unwavering commitment to providing the best products and customer service the market has to offer. Earlier this year, Lyon, Conklin was selected as the new American Standard HVAC distributor throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. The territory expansion is further evidence of Lyon, Conklin’s successful partnership with the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning brand.

Lyon, Conklin & Co. was acquired by Ferguson Enterprises in 1995. It currently operates 23 locations throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia. To celebrate the anniversary, the company will host special events at locations in each of their markets. To learn more about these events, contact Denise Vaughn, at 757/989-2639.

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