Mack Heaton Named Director of Field Training for No Secrets

Mack Heaton has been named director of field training for No Secrets Training Systems. Heaton is an 18-year veteran of the HVAC industry. His experience includes wholesale distribution, retail sales, and management. Most recently he served as director of operations for a consolidator.

Tom McCart, creator of No Secrets Training Systems, says he chose Heaton to head the field operations and training for No Secrets because of his ability to relate with and compassion for independent contractors.

The goal of No Secrets Training Systems is to help independent contractors control operating and sales costs and increase market share. It includes instruction on implementing tracking systems, teaching self-management to support staff, teaching the No Secrets Selling System to salespeople and technicians Heaton will also help implement the No Secrets Performance Pay System for installers, technicians and support staff.

For more information, call 239/482-7062 or visit

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