MCAA, Education Foundation to Publish Green Building Reports

The Mechanical Contracting Education Research Foundation (MCERF) and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) recently partnered with the McGraw-Hill Construction Division to distribute a limited number of complimentary copies of MCERF's Green Building Smart Market Report.
The partnership is part of MCERF’s goal to provide the most objective, best researched, and most current information on news related to “green” building.
MCAA says it and MCERF will work on more green building initiatives in the coming months, and much of the information found in the Smart Market Report will be the springboard for those initiatives.
“Green and sustainable building and service are potentially the most significant new markets in a very long time, says Bob Fitzgerald, president of MCERF. Appropriately, the McGraw-Hill report includes news on the origin of the green building movement and market-related topics, as well as case studies of green principles in action.
For more information, contact Dennis Langley, at [email protected]

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