MCAA Tool & Equipment Rental Guide Now Online

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA) has released its 2008 edition of the Tool and Equipment Rental Guide in an online-only format. MCAA believes online delivery gets the information to MCAA members more quickly, keep costs low, and supporting MCAA President Dave Kruse’s commitment to transform MCAA into the leader in green and sustainable construction.
The Tool and Equipment Rental Guide is MCAA’s comprehensive, up-to-date guide to cost recovery for commonly used tools and equipment. The 2008 edition has been revised and expanded, and includes tools and equipment of special interest to service contractors.
The rental rates in the guide are based on ownership and operating costs for contractor-owned equipment. These rates are derived from formulas and data developed by EquipmentWatch and from analytic methods used in the construction industry. Generally, these methods consider purchase price, depreciation, maintenance and overhaul costs, indirect equipment costs, and average annual use hours. Profit, project overhead and general company overhead costs such as office facilities and supplies are not included in these rates.
The guide is available to members in the members-only area of MCAA’s website (, and via MCAA’s new and improved online store ( Those who need passwords to access these areas may obtain them by visiting

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