MIX Group Boasts 100% Attendance Over 15 Years

It’s been said that members of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Management Information Exchange (MIX) groups become like family. The core group in the picture here hasn’t missed any of 30 family reunions over 15 years; newer members also boast 100% attendance.

“The MIX Group is not only my board of directors, but my close and long-term friends,” says Randy Seaman of Seaman’s Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Grand Rapids, MI. “I know that our business, and myself personally, would not be where it is today without this wonderful support group.”

Eddie Maddox, Maddox Air Conditioning, Tyler, TX, adds, “We’re all committed to improving our businesses, and the concern for each other is terrific. I’m getting to retire and turn the business over to my son, and the MIX Group’s advice has really helped me get the business well enough organized that it can be smoothly turned over to someone else.”

“This group is all business,” says Bruce Thornton, Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning, Lubbock, TX. “These guys are dedicated and sincere about working on their businesses. It’s also great to get some perspective twice a year, too. You often feel like you’re burdened with all these unique problems, then you spend a few days with the MIX Group and realize you’re not alone in the problems you face.”

Vern Solomon, president of Environmental Systems, Barrie, Ontario, sums up his feelings: “This MIX Group has been the single best management tool that I’ve had in my business’ 22 years.”

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