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Modern Niagara Makes Another Move

For the second time in four months, Modern Niagara HVAC Services, Inc. has extended the Linc Service Network into a new territory.
Starting July 1, Modern Niagara obtained the franchise rights for bringing Linc Service to customers in London, Ontario. Days later, the company purchased the London office of a large mechanical contractor, a move that will open up new opportunities for Modern Niagara to form strong partnerships with many industrial businesses in the area.
Covering a vast territory, with an eastern border of Waterloo and a southern border of Windsor, Modern Niagara-London is the latest contractor to join the growing, 130+-member Linc Service Network spanning the United States, Canada and Bermuda.
London is the second new franchise agreement for Modern Niagara in a four-month span. After acquiring the Linc Service rights for the Halifax, Nova Scotia, area April 1, the company purchased an existing mechanical contractor there, re-naming it Atlantica HVAC Services. Now, with a total of five franchise locations – four in Ontario and one in Nova Scotia – Modern Niagara President Rick Bracken is anxious to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities that lay ahead for his company.
“This purchase further strengthens our position in Ontario, and there’s a lot of great work to be done in this area,” Bracken says.
“Three years ago, we decided to grow our Linc Service business by adding six new franchises by 2008. We’re still on-track with that plan, except that it’s going to be a little bigger as we’ve expanded beyond Ontario.”
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