Modine Completes Plant Merger

Modine Manufacturing Company, Racine, WI, has finalized the closing of its Bensalem, PA plant, and has shifted that production to facilities in Buena Vista, VA and West Kingston, RI under budget and ahead of schedule. The Bensalem plant produced specialty product lines for non-residential air conditioner systems, such as schools, offices and other commercial spaces.
Modine had acquired the Bensalem facility as part of its acquisition of Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd. of Leeds, U.K. in May, 2005.
“We’re very pleased with our progress on the Airedale acquisition, including the team’s successes as they’ve moved Bensalem’s production to other locations,” says David B. Rayburn, president and chief executive officer.
“Our integration is running quite smoothly. We’ve exceeded our sales expectations with this acquisition, particularly our plans to cross-sell Modine and Airedale products into key European and North American markets. Additionally, we’re running ahead of our internal projections of $1.3 million in savings through the 2007 fiscal year.”
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