Mold Remediation Specialists Merge With Environmental Education Foundation

The International Association of Mold Remediation Specialists (IAMRS), Benbrook, TX is merging its membership into the Environmental Education Foundation (EEF), Washington, DC. The EEF is an environmental charity focusing on environmental, health and safety issues.

IAMRS board of directors will be taking key strategic rolls in the EEF, including committee chair positions and selected appointments to various federal and state agency committees held by the EEF.

According to IAMRS, the merger will pave the way for its nearly 500 members to provide a new depth and breadth to the EEFs existing membership base of more than 5,000.

Bob Allen, past president of IAMRS, calls the merger, “A major step forward in the servicing and recognition for our members. The EEF is recognized globally as the leader in indoor air quality and mold-related issues. Now, with the addition of the largest membership in mold remediation, our combined strength and knowledge base is second to none.”

Troy E. Johnson, EEF Executive Director, adds, “The EEF has never practiced a growth strategy by acquisition,. However, with the overwhelming number of relatively small, quality environmental associations struggling to stay alive in today’s economy, the EEF makes the best opportunity for the members to grow and be part of a thriving, established, and well-connected organization. I can’t wait to tap into the knowledge base of the IAMRS and share it through out our entire membership.”

Forf more information, visit or e-mail [email protected].

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