This Month in CB History

1989: Wallace Lee, president, Lee Co., Nashville, TN, gave his views on how to successfully compete in the Design/Build market.

“You have to believe that what you're doing is to your customer's advantage. If not, don't do it!” Lee wrote. “I select a customer to do business with who I know is growing. Then, I try to get all their business and grow with them.” B&B Heating & Air Conditioning, Redmond, WA, was featured as the 1989 Contracting Business Residential Contractor of the Year.

1994: In “HVAC: A Vision of the Future,” incoming ACCA president Jim Nicholas focused on events shaping the HVACR industry. Among those: the recovery of commercial construction; technological issues; refrigerant phaseouts; and the need for contractors to diversify. “The key to success is understanding what you do especially well, and sticking to a plan,” Nicholas wrote. Contracting Business Residential Contractor of the Year for 1994 was E.L. Payne Co., Los Angeles, CA.

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