This Month in CB History - June 2009

1978: The refrigeration industry was put on alert regarding the coming seafood craze. Between 1973 and 1977, revenues of fish specialty restaurants increased by 588% on the West Coast, and the trend was moving East. Increased needs were predicted for equipment to be used in processing plants and restaurants.

Also in this issue, we wrote that “Selling Service is More than Waiting for the Phone to Ring.” The first step, according to Michael G. Glover of Matthews Services, Dallas, TX, is to make an investment. That investment is a commitment to a person or persons to sell your service capability.

Michael Twedell, Matthews' general manager of service, added that it's important to hire people from within your company who want to do more than what you're hiring them for. They should also be pleasant people who have “get it done” attitudes.

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