MovinCool Features Ceiling-Mount Air Conditioners in New, Enhanced YouTube Video

MovinCool® announced a new, enhanced-narration video that showcases their CM12 and CM25 ceiling-mount commercial air conditioners. The video, “MovinCool Ceiling-Mount Series Spot Air Conditioners,” is available on YouTube at

The compact CM12 and CM25 air conditioners, which have maximum cooling capacities of 13,000 and 25,000 BTUH respectively—as well as high sensible cooling capacities of 10,500 and 18,900 BTUH—are designed to fit into the cramped ceiling space above server rooms, IT equipment closets and other similar spaces with high heat loads. Built-in flanges and mounting brackets allow for quick, low-cost installation, using standard off-the-shelf hardware, sources state. The air conditioners’ self-contained design eliminates the need for refrigerant connections or outside condensing units.

“Our CM-Series models are the industry’s first self-contained, ceiling-mounted air conditioners,” said John Doran, senior manager, Commercial and Industrial Systems. “These innovative, advanced-design units give our customers cost-effective solutions for their most difficult cooling challenges.”

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