MSP Technology and Desert Aire Sign License Agreement

MSP® Technology, Centerport, NY, a world leader in the development of energy-efficient dehumidification and heat recovery technology, announced today that it has entered into a license agreement with Desert Aire Corporation, Milwaukee, WI, for its patented MSP® Heat Transfer Technology. Desert Aire, a major manufacturer of dehumidifiers to mainstream commercial markets, is licensed to manufacturer and market MSP Dehumidifying Coils and MSP Heat Exchangers in its product lines. Desert Aire’s primary markets are supermarkets, indoor swimming pools and makeup air equipment.
The MSP Dehumidifying Coil is a highly efficient, compact, unitary dehumidifying component with low pressure drop and uniform loading of the cooling coil circuits. It is pre-engineered and designed for simple application to air handling systems. It also has versatile dimensions and airflow configurations with capacities from 200 to 24,000 CFM. Larger models can be built to specification.

Plate heat exchangers are the most efficient heat transfer device for enhanced dehumidification, and MSP says its dehumidifying coil offers a simple, cost-effective solution for combining plate heat exchangers with traditional cooling coils for dehumidification.
For additional information about MSP Technology, contact the company at 631/424-7542; [email protected]; or visit
For more information about Desert Aire, contact Desert Aire at 414/357-7400; or e-mail the company at [email protected]

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