Munters Acquires Des Champs Technologies

Munters, Amesbury, MA, has entered into an agreement to acquire Des Champs Technologies, Buena Vista, VA, a leading maker of energy-efficient air treatment solutions, complementing Munters' line of dehumidification products. The company employs approximately 200 people.
Located in Buena Vista, VA, Des Champs principally manufactures custom outside air conditioning equipment for commercial buildings based on its expertise in heat exchangers, dehumidification and indirect evaporative cooling. Des Champs also manufactures industrial heat exchangers. With this acquisition, Munters dramatically strengthens its position as a leading supplier of energy-efficient climate control solutions for commercial buildings. "The acquisition enhances our expertise in energy recovery and indirect evaporative cooling, where Des Champs holds a technology-leading position. The broader product range and technology integration opportunities with our unique energy-efficient cooling and dehumidification products, will allow our joint customers the opportunity to further reduce their energy consumption. It also enables us to provide solutions for all climates, significantly increasing our sales potential in a growing market," says Mike McDonald, president of Munters' Dehumidification Division.
Des Champs Technologies offers a full range of world-class technologies for energy-efficient packaged systems with plate-type and heat pipe heat exchangers, sensible and total energy recovery wheels, polymer tube indirect evaporative coolers, and welded industrial heat exchangers. The core strength is in offering optimal, often unique solutions to meet customers' needs.
Munters says Des Champs most significant product range is its Wringer series of a packaged make-up air units that incorporates a counter-flow heat-exchanger to pre-cool and reheat the outside air.

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