NATE Achieves Record Levels of Testing and Certification

NATE testing in 2004 reached new levels as more technicians tested and earned NATE certification. Over 10,000 took the NATE test, and as a result, 5,869 earned NATE certification. Nationwide and in Canada 1,696 testing sessions were held. Twenty-nine testing organizations held twelve or more testing sessions throughout the year—and of these, ten testing organizations held twenty-four or more test sessions, meaning they were averaging a testing session about every two weeks!

The twenty-nine top testing session performers include ACCA of Greater Houston (TX), ACR Supply (NC), Air Engineers LLC (AL), Airefco (OR, AK, WA), Alabama Power (AL), Behler-Young (MI), Carrier Carolinas (NC), Carrier Florida (FL), Carrier Mid-Atlantic (KY, VA, MD, OH) , Carrier North Texas (TX), Carrier South Texas (TX), Carrier Training and Marketing (NY, CO, CA), Comfort Air Distributing (CO), Eastern Heating and Cooling Council (NJ, PA, NY,MA), Habegger Corporation (IN, KY, OH), HVAC Training Service (PA, NY), International Service Leadership (nationwide), Koch Air (IN, KY), Lennox Industries (nationwide), Mingledorff’s (GA), National Capitol Chapter ACCA (MD, VA), O’Connor Company ((IA, KS, NE), Pierce-Phelps, (PA, NJ), Refrigeration Sales Company (OH), Robert Madden Industries (TX), Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (nationwide), Russell Sigler ( AZ, TX, NV, NM), Trane (nationwide), and York (nationwide). Test Trac administered 122 electronic testing sessions.

Testing sessions were held in every state except Hawaii, and 10 were held in Canada. Twenty-one states held in excess of 30 testing sessions, and Texas led the parade with 131 testing sessions.

This year promises to be even stronger. Interest in, and demand for NATE testing continues to escalate, as do requests for training. NATE is helping build verifiably better technicians one at a time. There are over 21,000 NATE certified technicians nationwide and seven international countries.

Contractors Who Are 100% NATE Compliant
There are now 19 contracting firms nationwide who are 100% NATE compliant. This means their service and installation technicians all hold NATE certification. To date the 100% Compliant Contractors include: Hentkowski (DE), Perfectemp Inc. (FL), Air Assurance (OK), Quality Reliable Service (IL), Comfort Air Heating & Cooling (KY); Preferred Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning (NE), Consolidated Mechanical Services (NJ); Morris Mechanical (NC); May Plumbing, Heating & Cooling (TX); RYF Heating & A/C (WI); Twin Oaks Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling Inc. (OH); Neilan Mechanical (MA); Jacobs Mechanical Services (IL); Abode Air Conditioning (MO); Abrahamson Heating (MN); Ascend Heating & Cooling (MT); Awesome Heat and Service (TX); Comfort Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning (CA); Lawson Mechanical (MO).

Discount for NATE certified Technicians
Reliable Procurement has two offices, one in Arizona (Tel. 866-967-4545) and one in Baltimore, MD (877-735-4776). Reliable offers technicians with NATE certification a discount on products.

For more information about NATE, visit their website at

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