NATE and Dealer Training Center Build a Bridge to Better Training

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and the Dealer Training Center, Pewaukee, WI, have formed a strategic alliance to bridge what is described as a gap between HVACR training and certification.

Arlington, VA-based NATE has an industry-supported test, and the Dealer Training Center provides HVACR technical training to technicians planning on taking the NATE test. The Dealer Training Center makes certification training in preparation of testing available to everyone in the industry.

NATE is the leading HVACR certification organization, and the only one which is supported by all segments of the HVACR industry. NATE is endorsed by the Department of Energy, recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, and has issued over 25,000 certifications.

NATE validates technicians’ knowledge of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, a critical service to the HVACR industry, especially as technology continues to evolve and manufacturers build more sophisticated, technically advanced systems and equipment.

The Dealer Training Center was formed to supply technicians with quality education and preparation by way of the wholesale distribution channel. Training is delivered through distributor outlets in an online format to dealers and their service and installation technicians. This online format is available around the clock, and dramatically shortens the time--and lowers the cost--to provide effective state-of-the-art training to a technician.

The Dealer Training Center and its partner, provide online technician training and “pre-certification” assessment exams which allow technicians to identify strengths and weaknesses in their specific knowledge areas.

In the past, some technicians attempting NATE certification did not have access to effective training and education. A technician without proper preparation has less chance of passing the NATE exam. With proper preparation, technician passing rates climb markedly.

The Dealer Training Center is building a bridge to help more technicians nationwide earn NATE certification after quality online training. Contractors are asking wholesalers about the Dealer Training Center’s program, and wholesalers are asking suppliers if they have entered into a manufacturer’s co-op program. The two groups say industry-wide involvement will help the HVAC/R industry establish a stronger link between training and NATE certification.

For more details about the Dealer Training Center, contact Geoff Fox at 262/650-6500. For more details about NATE, contact Carl Smith at 703/600 0361.

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