NATE, CB magazine Present 'Golden Toolbox' to Matt Michel

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and Contracting Business magazine presented Matt Michel, CEO of Service Roundtable, with the air conditioning industry’s first ever HVAC Golden Toolbox Award to recognize industry leadership and support of technician certification.
Presenting the award at Comfortech Conference in Baltimore, NATE president Rex Boynton said, “Matt Michel is well-known throughout the HVAC industry. He been on the speaking circuit for years, is often quoted, writes frequently, and has contributed in many, many ways to this industry. In many respects, I regard him as the best friend this industry has.”
According to Boynton, “Michel has been a passionate advocate for technician certification and a strong, very-early supporter of NATE when our certification wasn’t so popular and wasn’t so well-known.”
“It’s important to recognize the selfless, giving, people who help others in this industry,” added Mike Weil, Editor-in-Chief of Contracting Business.
Service Roundtable is the nation’s largest private contractor group. Service Roundtable uses the internet to reduce costs so the company can affordably provide new sales, marketing, and business tools each week to the thousands of contractors using their site.

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