NATE Stats Show Techs Strong on EPA Regs, Weak on Electricity

The statistical evidence gathered from more than 52,000 tests administered by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is showing the strengths and weaknesses of technicians.

The strength is “EPA Regulations" and the weakness is "Electricity/Meters." This information comes from reviewing the percentage of answers corresponding to the HVAC industry-validated NATE Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs).

“Providing this information to the HVAC industry is critical in helping to identify how to produce better technicians, and NATE is pleased to be able to share this information,” says Pat Murphy, NATE’s vice president of certifications.

The understanding of the electric meter seems to be most problematic area for technicians. The multiple types of meters require techs to keep current, and new meter designs allow more information to be gathered and used in determining system performance.

“By reviewing with your techs the use instructions of the meters, the basics of electricity (volts, amps, Watts, and resistance), and how to take appropriate readings, they will be better able to determine what is happening in an electrical system and come up with the necessary corrective action,” Murphy says.

For more information about NATE, call Carl Smith at 703/276-7247, ext. 361, or visit

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