National Comfort InstituteSummit Offers Solutions

National Comfort InstituteSummit Offers Solutions

The Ninth Annual National Comfort Institute (NCI) Summit will be held Feb. 5-10, at the Innisbrook Golf Resort, Palm Harbor, FL. The NCI’s “Follow Through and Make the GREEN” Summit will feature training implementation solutions for all areas of business, from management to technical performance. Innovative breakout sessions and cutting-edge performance measurement technology will be featured. Throughout the conference, contractors will learn about many new and exciting member benefits, sales tools, business tools, and training programs.

New sessions will include “Outside the Box” brainstorming work groups, originally tested at last October’s NCI Business Leadership Conference. According to NCI, these work groups have been modified and molded especially for Summit attendees. Traditional Summit favorites will include the popular Idea Meeting, Performance-Based Organized Discussion (POD) Meetings, and POD Formation opportunities.

The NCI Summit agenda will include performance-based breakout sessions, NCI’s nationally-acclaimed PerformanceTown USA™, and numerous other events. For additional information, visit or call NCI at 800/633-7058.

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