NEBB Announces Commissioning Seminar & Exams

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau has announced professional seminar and exams on advanced building systems commissioning. The dates are Dec. 3-7, 2012at 30 West Watkins Mill Rd., Gaithersburg, MD. Firms and individuals interested in advancing their expertise in Whole Building Commissioning and other firms seeking in-depth instruction in whole building commissioning procedures should send individuals who will play a key role in the commissioning process within their companies. Those attending should be familiar with the basic commissioning process and procedures. Prior attendance of the NEBB Basic Commissioning Certification seminar is recommended but not mandatory. This seminar will cover the following: Building Envelope Commissioning Electrical Systems Commissioning Special Electrical Systems Commissioning (Fire alarm, security and communications) Plumbing Systems Commissioning Fire Protection Systems Commissioning.

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