New Partnership to Help HVAC Contractors Improve Sales Results

Craze Consulting, a marketing services provider, Corpron Consulting, a sales recruiting and training service provider, and Nitek Software have joined forces to create a new company named C5, L.L.C., Lakeland, FL.
According to C5’s president, Jared Corpron, “The name is a definition of the power we provide to our clients,” says President Jared Corpron. “The five C’s stand for Contractors Commanding Customer Confidence and Control. We deliver this by focusing on every aspect of sales.”
Craze Consulting provides research, campaign design and management to help HVAC contractors generate calls. Nitek Software has been providing the HVAC industry with system sizing and sales technology.
“By combining these three elements, we have the ability to help contractors achieve dramatic sales and profit growth,” Corpron says.
According to Corpron, C5’’s difference lies in its team of Field Implementation Managers. These experienced and skilled HVAC professionals will be ‘on-site’ to work with our clients team to train them how to succeed, to assess their results, and to provide the course corrections needed to make sure each aspect of the marketing and sales effort is working to achieve the owners goals.
For more information, please contact Brigham Dickinson, vice president of marketing services at 800/994-2729, or visit

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