NEW PRODUCT: Fans Boost Airflow in Ductwork

NEW PRODUCT: Fans Boost Airflow in Ductwork

Many homeowners live with rooms that are uncomfortably hot or cold. Reason: often, the fan in their forced air furnace cannot provide adequate velocity. Tjernlund Products, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of ventilation fans, offers a family of Duct Booster™ fans designed for easy installation within heating/cooling ducts to increase flow of conditioned air to desired areas.

Duct Booster fans operate quietly and are built to provide years of trouble-free service. There are models of varying capacities for installation in metal and flex ductwork. Optional accessories are available for automatic activation and to control fan speed.

Complete Duct Booster information, including installation, performance and dimensions is available at or by calling 800/255-4208.

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