NEW PRODUCT: Self-adjusting Locking Pliers

NEW PRODUCT: Self-adjusting Locking Pliers

Cooper Tools sources announce a new line of self-adjusting locking pliers. New RapidVise pliers automatically lock onto objects of different thicknesses at a preset pressure without any user adjustment. By eliminating the need to adjust the jaws for varying thicknesses, Crescent RapidVise pliers provide significant time savings over standard locking pliers.

In addition to guaranteeing a faster turnaround time on any job, RapidVise pliers also feature the quality and time-tested value of the Crescent brand. The strength of the jaws stands up to any standard locking pliers, and the angled tooth pattern provides a superior grip over traditional models. Plus, the nickel-plated finish protects against damaging rust and corrosion.

The RapidVise product line currently includes a 10-in. “curved jaw with wire cutter” model and an 11-in. ‘C’ clamp in swivel pad and regular tip versions. By late 2009, the line will expand to include 5-in. and 7-in. curved jaw styles, and 6-in. and 9-in. ‘C’ clamps with swivel pads or regular tips.

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