New UL Standard Addresses Grease Ducts

A new UL standard will affect contractors who install grease duct systems for commercial kitchens.The standard, UL 2221, Tests of Fire Resistive Duct Enclosures, combines with the existing UL 1978 standard to establish stringent product guidelines for virtually every type of installation involving grease duct.

Historically, contractors have needed to sift through multiple (and sometimes conflicting) building code requirements and test standards when trying to evaluate grease duct systems.

“The industry has been looking for one type of test for all products, a unified standard for a safe system that simplifies the approval process,” says Shaun Ray, director of engineering for factory-built duct manufacturer Metal-Fab Inc. “Now we have it.”

Ray adds that the new standard gives contractors greater flexibility when comparing and bidding factory-built and site-welded grease duct

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Code Council (ICC) are both expected to accept the new UL 2221 standard.

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