New Year Brings New Features to Lochinvar VIP Program

New Year Brings New Features to Lochinvar VIP Program

Lochinvar, Lebanon, TN has added new rewards and contractor resources in conjunction with its fifth annual VIP Contractor Program. The program is designed to help contactors achieve a successful and profitable heating season. It features many sales tools and updated incentives for installations of the KNIGHT®, Efficiency+® and Solution™ residential boiler product lines, as well as the KNIGHT XL® Commercial Boiler.

Additionally, the Squire™ Indirect Water Heater has been added to the program.

With each purchase of a KNIGHT, KNIGHT XL, Efficiency+ or Solution Heating Boiler, contractors earn one point towards tiered rewards. Registrations of Squire indirect water heaters earn a half point. Enclosed with each of these products is a registration card that can be mailed to Lochinvar for a free gift.

This tiered reward system allows contractors to earn a wide variety of rewards based on the number of registration cards they submit. This year, tiers 3-5 offer VIPs even more choices from a rewards catalog, which can be browsed online at

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