Nexstar Awards Its Best Independent Service Providers

Nexstar recently recognized 52 of its nearly 400 independent business members as the best contractors in the industry. These 52 companies were bestowed with the Nexstar Select Service certification.
In order to receive certification, Nexstar says a member must have proven they conduct themselves solidly within what it describers as the "three pillars of success" in the service industry: to deliver superior customer satisfaction in all its dealings; to be an organization where its employees independently claim it to be a great place to work; and be financially well-managed and profitable.
The top ten companies who have earned the Nexstar Select Service certification are

Precision Plumbing Heating, Inc., Boulder, CO
Peterson Plumbing, Grand Junction, CO
Able Plumbing Electrical of Chico, CA
Kramer Sons Plumbing Services, Inc., Alexandria, VA
Corley Plumbing Electric, Inc., Greenville SC
Applewood Plumbing Heating Co., Denver, CO
F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating Air Conditioning, Manassas, VA
Iceberg Heating Cooling, Monroe, MI
My Plumber, Manassas, VA

The Nexstar Select Service program began four years ago. The objective of the program is to be a recognizable symbol to the general public of a service provider who will deliver a superior level of customer service. The program also serves as an incentive to other members within the Nexstar Network to aspire to the Nexstar Select Service designation.

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