Nu-Calgons IAQ Assurance Program Provides Allergy Relief

The Nu-Calgon Indoor Air Quality Program is now available at Trane’s 210 HVAC Parts Supplies locations in the U.S.
The program is a four-step process that includes the following:
— Cleaning - restores design efficiency, reducing energy costs and threats to air quality.
— Protecting - enables the coil to stay cleaner for longer periods of time, and it makes the next cleaning easier.
— Controlling - bacteria growth assures optimum air quality
— Preventing - future growths of bacteria or bio-fouling assures system integrity for up to nine months
“Cleaning indoor coils is essential – especially before the weather gets really warm and air-conditioning is kicked into full gear,“ said Matt Baranowski, indoor air quality manager, Trane HVAC Parts Supplies. “The reason is because as evaporator coils cool indoor air, they dehumidify or remove moisture. Any dirt, dust, nicotine, or pollen in the air will combine with the moisture and eventually foul the coil. The quality of the air is compromised as it continues to flow across the coils and circulate throughout the building.”
The program not only provides cleaner air, but provides the following benefits:
Gain significant savings on energy costs
Maintain peak operating efficiency
Enhance the cooling system’s reliability and service life
Prevent costly breakdowns
Trane HVAC Parts Supplies stores offer its customers with the products necessary to complete the Nu-Calgon Assurance Program:
Coil Cleaner: Nu-Brite, CalClean, Foam Brite, Evap Pow’r
Indoor Air Quality Chemicals: Bio-Fresh cd, Oxine
System Protection Chemicals: Rx11-flush, Rx-Acid Scavenger
Specialty Products: Gas leak detectors, Scrubs HVAC, Nu-Kil® wasp spray
Ice Machine Maintenance and Water Filtration: Nu-Plus E Series filters by Everpure, Ice machine maintenance chemicals.
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