A. O. Smith Introduces iCOMM™ Elite for Remote Monitoring

A.O. Smith, Milwaukee, WI, has combining advanced technologies in commercial water heating with sophisticated web-based algorithms, to design the iCOMM Elite remote monitoring system.

It enables A. O. Smith support staff to manage customers’ water heating systems. This solution can help customers minimize down time for repairs and reduce lost revenue caused by interruptions in hot water delivery, allowing them to focus on their businesses.

"With the iCOMM Elite system, our commercial customers can focus on their business at hand, confident that our solution will help prevent interruptions in service, which could translate into thousands of dollars saved," says Matt Schulz, senior product manager.

The iCOMM Elite's smart technologies include water heater performance data, instant leak detection/notification, fault alerts with optional e-mail reports, and virtual monitoring via a Web browser.

With 24/7/365 monitoring and dispatch service, inducing all parts, labor and tank replacement covered for three years, the iCOMM Elite system is an excellent solution for worry-free commercial water heater management.

A wide range of commercial water heating customers can benefit from iCOMM Elite system, whether it's a small business, restaurant or a large organization such as a hospital or university. Regardless of location, the A.O. Smith iCOMM Elite support staff monitors their customers' entire fleet of water heaters. iCOMM Elite provides customers with real-time information and alerts— which ultimately gives the customer peace of mind, sources say.

The iCOMM Elite system is compatible with three A. O. Smith product lines, including the Cyclone® Xi Series gas water heaters, Custom Xi (DSE Models) Series industry-strength electric water heaters, and Gold Xi (DVE Models) Series standard electric water heaters. The solution can be added to any previously installed, compatible water heater.

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