October 2008

October 2008

Crank Up Your Business with the Right Tool

Financing heating and air conditioning projects is easy with Climate Select, a revolving credit program from GE Money. The paperwork is minimal, and the credit decision process is extremely fast, usually within minutes. And, offering climate financing helps you close the sale in one visit. Now that’s cool!
Consumer Financing: Call GE Money at 866/838-0654
Commercial Financing: Call GE Capital Solutions at 800/289-9868 — GE Money

NEW! Diagnostic Psychrometer Calculates Target Superheat & Target Evaporator Exit Temperature

Fieldpiece introduces the first Diagnostic Psychrometer that not only performs the normal functions of a digital psychrometer (DB, WB, RH%, DP), but also helps technicians analyze air conditioning systems. Using normal psychrometer measurements, the SRH2 calculates Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET) and Target Superheat (TSH). The technician needs TEET to properly adjust air flow across the evaporator. He needs TSH to properly charge a fixed orifice A/C. See www.fieldpiece.com/diagnostic_psychrometer.html for more on the SRH2. — Fieldpiece

Quickly Calculate Offset Bends on Job Site

The innovative 16-Ft. Offset Tape Stop™ Power-Return Rule from Klein Tools features patented offset and saddle reference markings that enable electrical contractors to create the majority of three-bend saddle and offset bends without complicated calculations. The front of the rule displays saddle bend calculations, while the back of the rule shows offset calculations, making it easier for users to determine angle bends. For more information about this product (Cat. No. 915-26), visit www.kleintools.com . — Klein Tools

GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions

SageQuest provides GPS fleet tracking and management products that help HVAC companies nationwide increase the efficiency and productivity of their field service teams. Our online solution, Mobile Control, is the new standard in fleet tracking and management products, with state-of-the-art features and updates to help you increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, cut operations costs and increase your profits. We offer a comprehensive solution, with real-time mapping, one-click access to key information, satellite map views, powerful analysis tools, accurate reports, instant alerts and a comprehensive vehicle management and maintenance module. Download our “2008 Buyer’s Guide for GPS Fleet Tracking” now at www.sage-quest.com/HVAC or call 888/837-7243 for more information.

Online HVAC Web Directory Offers Resources

HVACwebconnection.com is an on-line HVAC Directory, News & Information resource catering to the needs of industry professionals. Keep up to date with industry news, articles, products and events that are updated regularly. Our interactive training calendar features HVAC classes and seminars being held across the country, complete with class descriptions and contact information. Looking for a new job? We offer a large, searchable data base of job listings. Search by state, job title, date or keywords. Sign up for alerts to have job openings automatically emailed to you based on your search criteria. Employers looking to hire HVAC professionals can post jobs to receive resumes from top candidates within the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Industry. Visit www.hvacwebconnection.com . —

Saber SMART Advanced UV System

The most advanced UV Object Purifier available at an unbeatable price. Designed to destroy mold on the evaporator coil, the Sanuvox Saber SMART UV Light System includes a 3-in. blue backlit LCD display providing Real-Time system status and other useful user information. Sanuvox Technologies, 1-888-SANUVOX (728-8869) www.sanuvox.com — Sanuvox

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