Onset Provides Free Webinar on Reducing Energy Charges

Onset Computer Corporation, makers of HOBO data loggers, offers a free, 25-minute webinar for facility managers interested in reducing rising energy charges.
According to Onset, with rising energy demand charges being applied to commercial and industrial electrical consumers throughout the country, it can be difficult to know how to effectively manage your facility’s energy consumption. Understanding how to control rising demand charges can be costly and time consuming.
The webinar points out three important steps to reducing rising energy demand charges. This session will:
- Help facility managers understand what rising energy demand charges are, and who is affected
- Target and identify the largest energy consumers within a facility
- Outline a three-step process for offsetting rising demand charges
- Provide valuable tips on developing a comprehensive data logging plan to help you achieve your project goals
Access to the webinar, white papers and newsletters, can be found by visiting www.onsetcomp.com.

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