Orbit Radiant Heating Extends Product Warranty to 30 Years

Orbit Radiant Heating, Perkasie, PA, has added its own 20-year warranty to the existing 10-year, manufacturer-supplied warranty on all Nexans TXLP Series cable used for indoor and outdoor radiant heating systems. The full warranty of the cable will now expire 30 years from the date of sale.
The Nexans TXLP cable is used for both indoor and outdoor radiant heating systems. It can be employed for snow and ice melting systems on any ground surface, for de-icing roofs and gutters, or as part of an indoor heating system to warm tile, stone, hardwood, laminate and carpet floors in individual rooms or an entire house.
The new warranty, which makes Orbit one of the only companies to offer a 30-year warranty on its radiant heating cables, will guard against defects in workmanship and materials from the manufacturer. Through the warranty, Orbit will provide replacement TXLP Series cable free of charge if cable failure occurs. Orbit Radiant Heating also offers a one-year warranty on all indoor and outdoor contractor panels, thermostats and sensors, providing an additional year of warranty (a total of two years from the date of sale) for indoor thermostats and indoor sensors.
For more information, visit www.OrbitMfg.com.

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