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Patented Duct Cleaning System Power Brushes and Vacuums

Patented Duct Cleaning System Power Brushes and Vacuums

The new Rotobrush aiR+ is the most effective portable air duct cleaning equipment available. The aiR+ is one-man operated, and a typical job takes less than a couple of hours. The unique modular design allows access to difficult locations including attics and crawlspaces, and the Rotobrush's patented technology is the only one that power brushes and vacuums inside the ductwork at the same time. The aiR+ fits easily on your existing vehicle with room to spare, so it is always ready to make you money. For more information contact: Rotobrush International, 801 Hanover Drive, Suite 700, Grapevine, TX 76051; 800/535-3878; — Rotobrush International

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