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PHCC Names New Officers, Association Executive Council

New officers of the Association Executives Council of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors’ National Association (PHCC) were installed during the recent PHCC national convention in Chicago.
President - Bev Potts, Illinois PHCC
President Elect - Kevin Kruse, PHCC of Iowa
Secretary - Jory Isakson, Minnesota PHCC
Permanent Treasurer - Linda Lindsten, Oregon PHCC

The new AEC Board members are
Rodney Jones, Egyptian PHCC
Cheryl Maas, Washington PHCC
Betty Leverett. North Central Indiana PHCC
Stacy Grewek, Nebraska PHCC
Nancy Jones, Texas PHCC
Tom Theroux, PHCC of Massachusetts

In other PHCC news, the AEC Excellence in Publications Awards 2006 were presented during the convention. Local Newsletter: 0-75 members, Western New York; 76-200 members, St. Louis Plumbing Industry Council State Newsletter: 0-75 members, Tennessee PHCC 201+ members, Indiana PHCC State Magazine: 0-75 members, Tennessee PHCC 76-200 members, New Jersey PHCC 201+ members, California PHCC State Convention Publication: 201+ members, Texas PHCC Local Website: 0-75 members, Sacramento Valley State Website: 201+ members, Indiana PHCC Local Membership Directory: 0-75 members, Western New York State Membership Directory: 0-75 members, North Carolina PHCC 76-200 members, Illinois PHCC 201+ members, Indiana PHCC State Membership/Marketing: 201+ members, Indiana PHCC

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