Prem Sales Begins Manufacture, Sale of Premaire PTAC Units

In August, Prem Sales, LTD, Lubbock, TX received its first shipment of packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) under the Premaire brand name.

Prem Sales began in the HVAC industry in 1985 as a service company for the units, which are popular within the hospitality industry. It later expanded to selling replacement products, and products for new construction projects on a national basis. For 10 years, Prem has been the prime distributor for the Sanyo brand of packaged terminal units. When Sanyo chose to exit the business, Prem moved the tooling and design to a manufacturer in China. The manufacturer had previously made the Carrier brand of PTACs.

Prem will also offer their own brand of 26-in (or built-in) air conditioners under the Premaire brand name. A Premaire line of mini-split air conditioners is targeted to be introduced in late 2010.

Prem Sales, LTD was founded by the Patel family in Lubbock, TX in 1985. Since the company’s founding, it's grown from two to 19 employees, and has expanded its warehousing facilities repeatedly. Prem now services air conditioning customers across the U.S..

As a property owner in and around Lubbock, Prem Sales President/CEO, Henry Patel, says he has a solid grasp on how to serve the HVAC industry's PTAC segment, and has built Prem to meet those needs. He says Prem is able to maintain and grow its customer base from replacements to new construction through the efforts of quality employees, products and services.

For more information, call 800/289-7736 , or visit

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