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A Refreshing Six-pack of Home Comfort

A Refreshing Six-pack of Home Comfort

We had a great response to our 2012 Quality Home Comfort Awards competition.

The HVAC contractors in charge of these winning projects had their ducks in a row, and took flight with superior examples of state-of-the-art home comfort. This year, we have one of the widest range of home sizes ever represented, from a cozy 2,400 sq.ft. home, to a palace of 12,600 sq.ft. Yet, despite their diverse features, these homes now have two factors in common: superior home comfort systems, and highly-trained and qualified HVAC contractors who fulfilled their comfort dreams.

Let the smaller home projects featured here inspire those of you who feel your projects are “too small” to garner recognition, to submit an entry in 2013. For those who often tackle larger home projects, we trust these winners will inspire you for your future home comfort adventures.

New Construction from 8,000 to 11, 000 sq. ft.
Doty Mechanical, Lansing, MI,
for the Rosnowski residence.

The homeowner always loved early American architecture, which was a guiding principal that influenced the design of his home in Williamston, MI. He was looking for a late 1700’s/early 1800’s Federalist-style home, and wanted it to be as “green” as possible. The 10,200 sq. ft. home was built following all guidelines to make it historically correct to that era. Gary Doty and his team Incorporated state- of the-art-green energy efficiency and technology, which earned the home LEED Gold Certification.

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